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Take Control of Your Monthly Free Cash

Let Fund$nap Do The Work!

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Fund$nap monthly free cash
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Fund$nap auto-categorized Transactions
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Monthly Free Cash 

Provides a snapshot, at any given time, of a balance indicating your safe spend within a monthly time frame.  Point blank, positive is good and negative is bad.  Take control of your finances by keeping that balance positive every month; we can help.

  • Free Cash Balance At Any Moment
  • Expected Income/Expenses Displayed
  • Income/Expense Tracking


  • Directly linked to accounts for automation
  • Transactions are automatically categorized and remembered

Directly Tied To Accounts

Transactions as well as balances are automatically pulled from your accounts in a secure fashion to make everything as easy as possible.  Transactions are automatically categorized into simple, relatable categories and can be re-categorized at the swipe of your finger.

  • Simple, real life relatable categories

Connect Multiple Accounts

Select whether you want to see your Free Cash balance on a single account or across multiple accounts.  It is very convenient to know your Free Cash balance across all your accounts to give yourself a true financial picture within the month time-frame.


  • Clear overview of all finances
  • All of your accounts in one place
  • Monthly free cash over multiple accounts


Visualization of Spending

Quickly see where your money is going and what you should cut back on if you need more Free Cash.  Check trends of what you spend your money on during a month, last month, or all the time.  Very effective to help you identify areas to save.

  • Know What You Overspend On
  • Create More Free Cash
  • Manage Your Debt

Top Grade Security

Your accounts will always be safe and secure with our bank-grade security and encryption systems

Fund$nap works with Plaid, a company that helps securely aggregate consumers' financial details by tokenizing and encrypting sensitive data, and enforcing separate access controls at each layer of infrastructure.  Users' banking credentials are never stored on Fund$nap's servers.

Data is transmitted securely using Transport Layer Security (TLS). All critical information is stored using AES-128, CBC, and PKCS5 padding encryption and is managed using strict data access policies and controls.

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